School buses

The transport of our students is built on two components: government funded public buses and GISS-operated private buses.

Information on the GISS-operated Buses

To complement the existing government funded school buses, the school offers eight private bus routes. The focuses of this service are students of the Preschool (since they cannot use the other buses) and students living in areas where there are no suitable government funded bus routes. While the younger students have priority on the GISS-operated buses, older students are welcome to use them as well.

Each route is operated by the same driver every day. Our drivers know each child (travelling on their bus) and their parents. This service reflects the caring character of our school. All our drivers have been working together with us for many years and are part of the GISS community. Please see our map of private GISS Routes and timetables which are subject to constant change as we are trying to fulfil most of our student families’ needs.

To arrange transport for your child on any of our GISS routes, please click below:

Information on public buses

Public transport is operated by the bus company Forest Coach Lines. There is a bus stop right in front of our school and teachers supervise the arrival and departure of all students.

To apply for a School Opal Card please apply online at Transport NSW. Our registrar will be automatically notified to endorse your application. The School Opal Card will eventually be sent by mail to your home address.

To obtain a free Student Opal Card, students must fulfil several criteria:

  • Age: Students must be at least in Kindergarten (students in the Preschool are not eligible for a School Opal Card) and older than 4½ years old.
  • Distance between home and school: There are no limits for students from Kindergarten to Year 2. Since Terrey Hills is being surrounded by national parks only students living in Terrey Hills or the northern fringes of Belrose don’t fulfil the distance criteria and would not be eligible for a Opal Card. Other suburbs close by, such as St Ives, Ingleside, Duffy’s Forest and Belrose are already far enough to fulfil the distance criteria.
  • Visa-Status: To obtain a free School Opal Card, students must be either Australian citizens, permanent residents or have one of the following visa classes: 309, 310, 444, 445, 448, 449, 450, 580, 785, 820, 826, 995. All other visa classes (e.g. the most common 457) are not eligible for the free Student Opal Card; but students can receive a concession card from the registrar of the school and apply for a Child/Youth Opal Card, paying the normal concession fare.

Forest Coach Lines bus services are usually operated by the same driver, who will get to know the students on his/her run. The free School Opal Cards are only valid on school days and only for the direct route from home to the school and return. Students whose parents are separated can apply for two routes – one to each parent’s home. For all bus stops please keep in mind: Please Signal the Driver!