School buses

The transport of our students is built on two components: government funded public buses and GISS-operated private buses.

GISS-operated Buses

Our bus system is a unique benefit for the school community and no school of our size in Sydney offers a more comprehensive network of busses and vans.

To further improve our service, GISS is now using the bus booking App ‘RollCall’. This new app bundles all bus services into one App (please see for more information). Parents can book and change services as well as track GISS operated school busses to make pick-up more convenient. 

GISS offers eight private bus routes to support our families in managing their busy lives. All GISS students from Preschool up to Secondary School are invited to use our service, but booking priority will be given to younger students who are unable to use public transport. We encourage all families to book via our bus booking system ‘RollCall’ as capacities are limited. Additional, with regular bus bookings we will be able to keep improving our bus service for all GISS families.  

Each of our routes is usually operated by the same driver. This allows them to get to know each student travelling on their bus and their parents. This service reflects the caring character of our school. Our drivers have been working with us for many years and are part of the GISS community. 

What's included in our GISS bus service 

  • Pick up and drop off at the school gates for Preschool to Senior School 
  • Fixed timetable and route with daily chartered bus services to allow families to plan their week 
  • Fully air-conditioned buses 
  • Safe and convenient service
  • One of the most comprehensive route networks in Sydney

Bus Booking and Billing - Terms & Conditions


Return Fare  

(same day, regular booking) 


(regular booking) 



Zone 1 




Zone 2 




Zone 3 




Please see our timetables for an overview of all GISS operated bus routes and stops including each related price zone per stop.

Changes in ridership may require the school to shift or cancel routes and times. The school will make every reasonable effort to give parents adequate notice of schedule & route changes or if a route is being discontinued.  

Regular Bus Bookings 

  • Regular Bus bookings will be billed in advance per term.  
  • Regular bus service must be pre-booked for a minimum of one term.  
  • GISS does not offer refunds/credits for no-shows or cancelled trips.  
  • GISS will refund monies collected for regular bookings missed due to excursions and other school organised events that may cause a student to miss/forgo a regular booking.  These adjustments are processed at the end of each term and reflected as a credit. 
  • Families may temporarily pause or cancel bus service by providing at least four weeks’ notice in writing to  
  • Bus seats are limited and will be allocated in the order of booking, with preference given to younger students, current bookings & their siblings.  
  • Students requiring an installed child safety seat cannot be booked via our casual booking system.  
  • Students requiring an installed child safety seat must be booked in and will be invoiced for at least three return bookings per week for the entire term.  

Casual Bus Bookings 

  • Casual bookings are first come, first served for all remaining seats on a given route. GISS cannot guarantee seat availability for casual bookings.  
  • Casual bus service can only be booked via the Rollcall App and cut off times apply for pick-up and drop-off.    
  • Parents must register on Rollcall to be able to book a casual bus service.  

Bus Transportation Rules 

  • The GISS Student Code of Conduct applies when using school buses.  
  • Students are expected to always obey reasonable directions from the bus driver.  
  • Students are to remain seated and properly buckled up.  
  • The bus driver has the authority to assign the seating order on the bus.  
  • The driver may stop the bus if disciplinary issues arise which make the operation of the vehicle unsafe.  
  • Incidents will be reported to the school and may result in disciplinary action, including loss of bus privileges.  
  • Please avoid transporting delicate or expensive items on the bus.  
  • The School assumes no liability for items lost or damaged during bus transport.  
  • Parents or the authorised person are advised to be at the pick-up point well before the scheduled time for pick-up and drop-off, to ensure that the bus can leave on time.  
  • The Bus driver will wait at the scheduled stop for up to 2 minutes past the scheduled pick-up time.  
  • Students in Kindergarten to Year 4 must be released to a responsible person known to the child.  
  • Students in years 5 and higher are allowed to make their way home independently.  

Preschool aged students 

  • Preschool children will be collected from and returned to the bus and signed in /out (time and signature) by Preschool staff.
  • Preschool Parents must provide details of all persons authorised to pick up their child from the designated pick-up point. (Please use the relevant authorisation form)  
  • Bus drivers will only release preschool students to persons listed on the authorisation form.  
  • If an authorised person is not at the pick-up point at the scheduled time, the driver will contact the primary carers / emergency contact to arrange for an alternate meeting point & time at the end of the bus run.  
  • In case the driver is unable to contact a registered contact, the child will be returned to the school and care arrangements made until an authorised person is able to pick them up.  

If you have any bus related questions, please send an email to

Information on public buses

Public transport is operated by the bus company Forest Coach Lines. There is a bus stop right in front of our school and teachers supervise the arrival and departure of all students.

To apply for a School Opal Card please apply online at Transport NSW. Our registrar will be automatically notified to endorse your application. The School Opal Card will eventually be sent by mail to your home address.

To obtain a free Student Opal Card, students must fulfil several criteria:

  • Age: Students must be at least in Kindergarten (students in the Preschool are not eligible for a School Opal Card) and older than 4½ years old.
  • Distance between home and school: There are no limits for students from Kindergarten to Year 2. Since Terrey Hills is being surrounded by national parks only students living in Terrey Hills or the northern fringes of Belrose don’t fulfil the distance criteria and would not be eligible for a Opal Card. Other suburbs close by, such as St Ives, Ingleside, Duffy’s Forest and Belrose are already far enough to fulfil the distance criteria.
  • Visa-Status: To obtain a free School Opal Card, students must be either Australian citizens, permanent residents or have one of the following visa classes: 309, 310, 444, 445, 448, 449, 450, 580, 785, 820, 826, 995. All other visa classes (e.g. the most common 457) are not eligible for the free Student Opal Card; but students can receive a concession card from the registrar of the school and apply for a Child/Youth Opal Card, paying the normal concession fare.

The free School Opal Cards are only valid on school days and only for the direct route from home to the school and return. Students whose parents are separated can apply for two routes – one to each parent’s home. For all bus stops please keep in mind: Please Signal the Driver!