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GISS Nachrichten

Dienstag, 07 Juli 2020

​What are your wishes for the year 2045?

Our GISS students answered this question along with other international students from around the world as part of the initiative from the United Nations called „UN75 – 2020 und danach"...  --- Die Welt 2045: Wovon Jugendliche träumen...Die Corona-Pandemie, die „Black Lives Matter“-Bewegung, Erderwärmung und Artensterben – die Zukunftswünsche der Schülerinnen...
Dienstag, 30 Juni 2020

Meet the new SRC members!

The Student Representative Council (SRC) were elected by the students of GISS at the end of Term 2 2020. Currently the team consists of Rosie McCoy, Nuhaa Heitz, Miabella Quirk, Dior Lucia and Kevin Nguyen.  Their main tasks are to inform the students about important issues from the Principal, Teacher Representatives and Parent...
Dienstag, 23 Juni 2020

Winter Holiday Challenge

The Sustainability team is still hard at work to find ways to reduce the environmental footprint of our community. Here is our next Sustainability Holiday Challenge.  Take our Palm Oil Survey  and complete the Palm Oil Home Hunt Checklist (download here)
Mittwoch, 17 Juni 2020

STEM Education Summit 2020

Our friends at Tech Explorations have been working on a new virtual summit dedicated to STEM Education and our Preschool Educators Silke Bethke, John Nyagah and Catherine Squire Blatti will be presenting on how to support families of young children through STEM education. The Summit will go "live" on Saturday...
Montag, 04 Mai 2020

Manly Daily: GISS Secondary students come 2nd in NAPLAN tests

Northern beaches NAPLAN 2020: How your high school rates New NAPLAN data shows four public schools have made it into the northern beaches’ top 10 this year. See where your secondary school came in the full list of 1 to 21 and where they are placed in the NSW league...
Dienstag, 14 Apr. 2020


We would like to announce a NEW sustainability initiative for the whole GISS community – students, teachers, families and more. This focus reflects our commitment to become a more sustainable school and to do our bit to help save the planet.  Thanks (for nothing!) to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will...
Mittwoch, 08 Apr. 2020

Virtual Art Exhibition

Dear parents and school community, We were very much looking forward to inviting you to view our wonderful GISS artworks when you came to the parent/teachers evenings this year. Unfortunately, our K-10 art exhibition has unavoidably become a virtual exhibition now. Whilst it is always much better to see the real thing and view art...
Donnerstag, 02 Apr. 2020

Video Message from GISS Principal

After starting our off-campus learning we wanted to share this video message from our GISS Principal, Lorenz Metzger, with our community.