World-class German violinist visits GISS

GISS was very excited to welcome world-class German violinist, Viktoria Kaunzner, to perform and share her amazing artistry with us.

Primary students and our GISS String Ensemble members were treated to a multi-media presentation, with Viktoria playing live to her own video recording of herself performing with her Universal Korean Organic Ensemble in the Berliner Philharmonie. 

Viktoria took our students on a journey of beautiful sounds, imagination and fantasy with her modern pieces that reflected the environment and the world around us.

After her sessions, Viktoria was very busy with providing personal autographs to our excited and start-struck students! 

Many thanks go to Rhapsody in School for being in touch with us to facilitate this wonderful and unforgettable experience. Thanks also to Frau Boubbov for organising this great event for our student.