On 19th May 2019, the German International School Sydney hosted the second German Wheel competition since its formation. The 9 competitors, aged between 9 and 28 years, started in 3 different start groups, depending on their age and level. The three youngest and newest competitors, Carla, Emmelie and Juliana were showing their beginner’s routines (Level 5 routine), with Juliana making first place. It was their first ever competition, having practised German Wheel for approximately one year. Remarkably, all of the girls were able to complete their routines without assistance from a trainer despite nervousness and limited amount of experience. 

In the second start group competed the more experienced and older gymnasts (born between 2003 and 2006). Saskia, Nina, Lanea, Sienna and Cornelius showed their individual, creative routines, as well as a given combination of exercises (Level 5 routine or Level 6 routine). Within that start group, Sienna was the only participant showing a Level 6 routine, which is more difficult and therefore scores higher points. The students of this group have participated in German Wheel gymnastics for several years and have shown great improvements since the last competition. They have learnt new and more difficult exercises, which score higher points but also increase the risk of point deductions for not straightening arms and legs or for needing trainer assistance during the presentation. Having scored most points in both her performances, Sienna won today’s competition before Nina and Saskia on second and third place. 

There was only one starter in the third start group, where Kathi showed a Level 7 and her individual routine. Kathi is also one of the trainers and has practiced German Wheel for 16 years in Germany before she came to Australia. 

The three volunteer trainers Karen, Silke and Kathi are very proud of the achievements of their students. It is not always easy to show all the new skills in the less than 2 minute long routine especially when nerves get the better of one, which makes the achievements of this competition even more remarkable.