Congratulations to our Class of 2022!

All our graduates from the Class of 2022 who applied to study in Australia this year have received their 1st preferences for university placement at USYD, UNSW, UTS, Macquarie, ANU, Newcastle & Bond. Some of our graduates are applying for universities in Germany, Sweden, the USA and the Netherlands for the northern hemisphere Autumn intake, and we wish them all well with their applications!


The Class of 2022 achieved a 100% pass rate for the 20 out of 22 students sitting their final exams in the November 2022 session, achieving their Diploma. Two students will sit a split session by finishing their Diploma in May 2023, and when their results are released in July 2022, we expect they too, will be awarded their IB Diploma. These results make us proud for our graduates of 2022, especially considering this class faced 3 years of COVID disruption. Our GISS average for this cohort of 32.40/ATAR 87.50 is almost 2 points above the global IB Diploma average of 30.90/ATAR 85.00. In addition, our Dux scored 39 points, receiving both a Distinction Award from IB Schools Australasia and is also one of 11 of our 20 graduates, who received 13 Merit Awards between them for scoring the highest grade of 7 in a subject and/or, an A for Theory of Knowledge and/or an A for their Extended Essay. Of this cohort, 6 graduates also received the HZB for university admission in Germany. With our continued focus on academic excellence and learning through a bilingual approach, all our GISS IB Diploma graduates are very well equipped to start their tertiary studies worldwide, especially in Germany and other European countries, as well as here, in Australia.