Class of 2023 achieves a 100% IB Diploma award rate

Congratulations to our Class of 2023, on their amazing IB results!

Our Class of 2023 achieved a 100% IB Diploma award rate, with an average score of 33.47 points out of a possible 45, converting to an ATAR of 90.15. We are proud of the efforts and achievements of this class, which are excellent when compared with both local and global statistics: the November 2023 global IB Diploma award rate was 71.93% with an average score of 29.06, converting to an ATAR of 80.10, and the Australasian IB Diploma award rate was 94.61% with an average score of 34.53, converting to an ATAR of 90.80.

Florian Gabriel, our Dux for the Co2023, and Ashton Legge, who received the prestigious USYD Dalyell Scholarship, will soon see their names gracing our updated honour board in our "Hall of Fame" for scoring 42 & 40, respectively. We applaud them for each receiving a Distinction Award from IB Australasia.  Furthermore, 12 of our 17 graduates received 18 Merit Awards between them for scoring the highest grade of 7 in a subject and/or, an A for Theory of Knowledge or their Extended Essay.

This graduating class has also achieved 100% offer rate on their 1st or 2nd preferences for local university placement at ANU, USYD, UNSW, UTS, Macquarie, and Newcastle, and we are confident that our northern hemisphere university applicants will also receive offers for their 1st or 2nd preferences when they're released in July; including, our Dux Florian Gabriel, who is planning to start his undergraduate degree in Medicine at the University of Tuebingen. Florian, as well as 13 other graduates of this class, received the GIB and/or the HZB for university admission in Germany. With our GISS focus on academic excellence, bilingualism, and learning through careful cultivation of the qualities of the IB Learner Profile, our Co2023 IB Diploma graduates are confidently equipped and prepared to start their tertiary studies worldwide, especially in Germany and other European countries, as well as here in Australia. 

We fondly and proudly, wish them all well as they head off into university as lifelong learners


​​​​​Annie Thomson

Head of IB