Age 3 to 5

Play, learn and grow in a nurturing and fun environment!


Our program is about much more than preparing your child for school. 

We care for your child by providing a nurturing environment.

  • Our objective is to prepare and equip them for a fulfilled, happy and successful life. 
  • Respect, responsibility, competence and resilience as well as instilling a life long love of learning are key factors in achieving this. 
  • Our preschool teachers are qualified and experienced, both in Australia and internationally.
  • We provide a stimulating learning environment which encourages creativity, exploration and authentic experiences as a basis for conceptual understanding.
  • Our natural outdoor area offers children opportunities to engage in activities that promote an awareness of the environment.

Read more about our philosophy and find examples of how children at our Preschool learn and explore.

Concept for language learning

Young children learn when there are connections made to their everyday lives and when they are provided with authentic situations. Bilingual children learn their second language through play in real and authentic situations in which they have opportunities to speak and listen with others. Our goal is to promote both languages in our setting in which we create situations where the children have a need to communicate in these languages (German/English).  Read more


We offer a bi-lingual preschool program which is based on an immersion approach. The pedagogical ideas are based on elements of best practice from around the world. Read more

The daily program is relatively flexible and is shaped around a combination of opportunities to play freely, to participate in guided activities including small group activities, circle times, mealtimes  and  quiet  times.  The children’s ideas and needs take priority over planned programs and we consider their needs to be of primary importance in forming the day. Questions and inquiries of the children are grasped and used as a means of developing projects (Inquiry based projects).


We recommend that children attend five days per week but it is also possible to enrol children for three days (Mondays to Wednesdays) or two days (Thursdays and Fridays) only. If you require other days, please give us a call.

Opening hours are from 8.00am to 3.30pm.

Individual Care

We understand that learning is not only about the acquisition of knowledge and the understanding of various learning theories, but we also consider the importance of the development of social and communication skills as well as personality development with special regards to the development of independence and resilience.

These latter aspects of the development of children’s personality are important as they will need these in order to successfully handle a world that is full of change.

Children learn and develop best when they feel comfortable, when their needs and wishes are considered to be important and they are accepted as individuals.

We recognise that it is important for children to feel competent and that they can do things for themselves. They also learn best when all of their senses are engaged in the learning process and when the program is formulated in an integrated way.

Tracking of child's development

Every preschool child has an individual portfolio that follows their development in many different areas as well as conveying their various interests. These portfolios are made up of different types of documentation displaying the children’s strengths and capabilities, pictures that they have created, photographs and memories collected from different events and pedagogical comments regarding the individual’s development and how aspects of this can be developed further. Preschool teachers regularly share their observations and discuss as well as record these during team meetings to ensure that the pedagogical program makes provisions which cater for individual children’s learning and needs.

Cooperation and communication with parents 

Good cooperation with all families is essential. We appreciate constructive criticism and, if possible, will try to incorporate ideas and wishes into our program.  Parents are always welcome to approach us, stay for a visit and can phone to speak to their child.

In preschool we do not have official times set aside for parent/teacher interviews. We leave this open for families to make a time that is suitable for both - them and our teaching staff; upon request also outside of opening hours. Read more

Transition to school

Our transition concept is unique in that it involves collaboration with primary school colleagues as a means of preparing the children for the next year. The children have opportunities to work with a support person in the preschool throughout the year and then transition with this teacher into the Kindergarten. This allows a gentle transition with a familiar person that children can utilise for assistance and support throughout their year in Kindergarten. Older primary school children are also involved in the process through a ‘Buddy System’ and are there as a support to the children as they start Kindergarten. Read more