From Preschool to Year 10, we offer a combined curriculum of both the New South Wales Syllabus and the German State Thüringen, following the NSW school calendar year. In Years 11 and 12 we offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. This mix provides learners with a complete education experience in a co-educational and multi-lingual environment.

Our focus is to encourage our students to study a broad curriculum to achieve individual academic success while also fostering personal development in preparation for life after school.

All children are welcome and it is not necessary to be familiar with the German language as we boast a successful intensive language immersion programme, leading to bilingual competency in both English and German. This method allows children to acquire a second language passively, by engaging them in authentic experiences in both languages. As children vary in their ability to absorb a second language this program style provides the opportunity for each child to develop their level of competency at their own pace.

Overview of our school structure

Preschool (ages 3-5)  

GISS Preschoolers are provided with a bilingual immersion program that is embedded in the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia ‘Being, Belonging and Becoming’ (EYLF) as well as other internationally recognised early education programs. 

Our highly qualified and bilingual Preschool teachers (who are experienced both in Australia and internationally) create a stimulating and caring environment in which the children are enabled to acquire a second (or third) language in authentic situations (German and English). 

The Preschool offers a unique transition to Primary School program with one teacher transitioning with the children from Preschool into Kindergarten. This concept ensures consistency and a smooth transition for the children.

Primary school (Kindergarten-Yr 4)

The core concept of our holistic teaching and learning approach is a team of two teachers who work together ensuring that each child achieves their individual potential. Six lessons of English and five lessons of German are the foundation of an intensive language concept. In addition to that, we provide intensive language support in Maths and General Studies. These two subjects are taught in German. An additional teacher supports students with German as an additional language and assists the whole cohort in the development of conceptual thinking and research skills. 

Arts, Music and PE are all taught in German with integrated language support (CLIL) provided by the subject teacher. The students have a choice of subject for Religion (taught in German) or Ethics (in English) from Year 1. 

Our co-curricular program also has a strong focus on language learning, ranging from language activities to Literature or Drama. Our 35-lesson week is completed by one library lesson and 4 supervised homework lessons (5 in Kindergarten). This learning time also forms part of a holistic enrichment program which ranges from class circle time (student wellbeing) to individual or group support in different development areas.

Junior Secondary School (Yr 5-10)

Our students have the opportunity to choose Maths, Biology, Humanities and History in either English or German. Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Ethics are taught in English and Art, Music, Religion and Sport instructed in German. German is offered as a foreign language for students not fluent or who don’t speak German and from Year 6, French is available as a foreign language and Spanish from Year 8.

 Our highly recognised academic standards enable our students to transfer effortlessly to either our International (IB) for Years 11 and 12 or other national or international schools.

Senior Secondary School - International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (Yr 11 & 12)

The IBDP is a comprehensive two year programme involving a curriculum model which is focused on six academic areas including Studies in Language & Literature, Language Acquisition, Individual and Societies, Experimental Sciences and Mathematics. For their sixth subject students have a choice of Visual Arts, French, Spanish, and Science of Psychology offered as an online course. 

The academic areas available have been selected to ensure breadth of experience in languages, humanities, science and mathematics.  Our IB programme is an excellent foundation for studying anywhere in the world and can be designed to be fully bilingual.