Student Representatives

Dear School Community,

The student representatives council (SRC) were elected by the students of GISS at the beginning of Term 1 2019. Since then, Paula Ritonnale, Saskia Scholle, Max Gabriel, Niklas Nutbohm, Farah Hanna and Olga Medvedieva have represented the students. Their main tasks are to inform the students about important issues from the Principal, hold regular meetings with the class captains to share ideas and concerns regarding specific topics, organise different events for students which for example include a fundraising cake sale to support our school's charity “A girl & her world“. 

Our first “trial“ was the “Multicultural Day“, and the next event will be “Halloween“. We are grateful for any suggestions and support from students and teachers to improve our work. We hope that you will enjoy the events and that we are able to collect some money for a good cause like “A girl & her world“.

Many thanks for your support,


SRC members of Year 11 with their liaison teachers: Front row from left to right: Paula, Saskia, Max, Niklas, Farah (Olga not present). Back row from left to right: Mrs Hessling, Dr. Kodikara.