Student Representatives

The Student Representative Council (SRC) were elected by the students of GISS at the beginning of Term 1 2022. Currently the team consists of Luka, Jonas, Felix, Nina, Florian, Emma, Kirsty and Lola here pictured with Student Liaison Teachers Nicole Rosenthal, Annie Mannherz and Simone Hessling. 

Their main tasks are to inform the students about important issues from the Principal, Teacher Representatives and Parent Representatives, hold regular meetings with the class captains to share ideas and concerns regarding day to day life of the students. 

They also discuss the organisation of various events and fundraisers to support our school's charity "A Girl & her world".

We are grateful for any suggestions from the students, teachers and parents to help improve the
school and the livelihood of the students. 

If you have any questions, issues or suggestions please contact us by email at