We're here to provide support and resources for your wellbeing. Parents, students and our school community will find information, advice and strategies to help manage their wellbeing.

When we take time to notice the things that go right - it means we're getting a lot of little rewards throughout the day.

Martin Seligman

At the German International School Sydney, we are passionate about the wellbeing of all our students. Research shows that wellbeing is a critical aspect of how people grow and learn, and is directly linked to improved academic achievement, enhanced mental health and responsible life choices. Our wellbeing framework, based on the PERMAH model, guides our whole school approach to cultivating social and emotional learning skills, and fostering optimism, resilience, and confidence. The GISS Junior Secondary Wellbeing Curriculum builds upon the Wellbeing Framework to further embed wellbeing and positive education into the heart of school.

In addition to the curriculum, which is delivered to students from Y5-10 during class teacher time, GISS has worked with the following providers for prevention and support measures.

We have selected wellbeing resources for parents, students and for everyone who is a part of our school community. In these hubs you will find information to help you navigate through difficult times.

Contact the GISS Wellbeing Coordinator

Annie Mannherz
Ann-Kathrin Mannherz


Contact the GISS Student Counsellor 

Ulrike Miehle
Ulrike Miehle


For further questions about learning needs, we have a GISS Learning Diversity Team. You can find out more about our Learning Diversity Team here.