Our transition concept is unique in that it involves collaboration with primary school colleagues as a means of preparing the children for the next year. The children have opportunities to work with a support person in the preschool throughout the year and then transition with this teacher into the Kindergarten. This allows a gentle transition with a familiar person that children can utilise for assistance and support. Older primary school children are also involved in the process through a ‘Buddy System’ and are there as a support to the children as they start Kindergarten.

Children who turn five by end of January and are ready developmentally make the transition to Kindergarten at the end of the school year. Sometimes there are situations where it is not clear cut as to whether a child should start and in these situations we meet with parents to discuss the best possible options for the child. In making these decisions we consider our philosophy, the needs of the child and we keep in mind that the welfare of the child is of uppermost importance and takes priority in any decision making.

Parents/ guardians can apply for early school entry if their child turns five until the end of June. In these cases the child will be assessed by primary/ kindergarten teachers before a decision is made.