Primary School

Kindergarten - Year 4

Our Teaching & Learning Framework

The core concept of our holistic teaching and learning approach is a team of two teachers who work together ensuring that each child achieves their individual potential. Six lessons of English and five lessons of German are the foundation of an intensive language concept. 

In addition to that, we provide intensive language support in Maths and General Studies. These two subjects are taught in German. An additional teacher supports students with German as an additional language and assists the whole cohort in the development of conceptual thinking and research skills. 

Arts, Music and PE are all taught in German with integrated language support (CLIL) provided by the subject teacher. The students have a choice of subject for Religion (taught in German) or Ethics (in English) from Year 1. 

Our co-curricular program also has a strong focus on language learning, ranging from language activities to Literature or Drama. Our 35-lesson week is completed by one library lesson and 4 supervised homework lessons (5 in Kindergarten). This learning time also forms part of a holistic enrichment program which ranges from class circle time (student wellbeing) to individual or group support in different development areas.

Holistic Learning

We have a strong belief that learning is a dynamic and life-long journey that requires passion, knowledge, skill, perseverance, critical thinking and creativity. Our desire to learn comes from a deep, inner need to understand the world we live in, and connect with the people who we share the planet with, where every day provides new challenges and opportunities for the mind and body.

For children, this world is a wonderful, magical and intriguing place, where they can be courageous explorers and curious, inquisitive researchers, determined to discover new and exciting things. They might feel the need to generate original creations and share their work with the world. Some days, they need to challenge their physical limitations by running that extra mile, climbing that one more step or finding inner strength and peace through mindfulness experiences. Children develop the desire to connect and collaborate with others and ask for support and assistance from peers and adults to strive towards achieving their individual goals.  

We believe that we can foster/support our students’ social-emotional and academic development through a teaching and learning framework that combines wellbeing with the learning skills.

Like 5 fingers and the palm form one hand and work best when they work together:

  • critical and creative thinking, 
  • open and honest communication, 
  • social awareness and empathy,
  • self-awareness and self-management
  •  research and ethical learning.

This is supported by our wellbeing framework that focuses on five ways to wellbeing:

  • Be connected
  • Keep learning
  • Be active
  • Take notice
  • Share