Teaching & Learning Framework

Lifelong Learners

We strive to empower the members of our school community to become lifelong learners whose ongoing, self-motivated learning goes beyond formal education. Our school nurtures a curiosity for learning and provides feedback that guides all in a journey of discovery. 

  • Aim:   To foster curious, creative, intrinsically motivated and reflective learners. 
  • Aim:   To stimulate resilient, independent, critical thinkers.
  • Aim:   To continuously learn new skills and adapt to rapid changes in professional and personal environments.

International Education

In our culturally diverse, international and bilingual school, we foster strong values based on universal respect, solidarity and recognition of diversity. We provide our students with the best of German, Australian and IB curricula and aim for them to be fully proficient in the English and German language. 

  • Aim:  To promote a culture in which students, parents and teachers are in continuous pursuit of international mindedness and intercultural competencies in response to our constantly changing globalised world. 
  • Aim:  To guide our students to become confident, open-minded and globally aware citizens, within and beyond their learning community. 
  • Aim:  To encourage every student to play an active role in developing and expanding their skills and use their creative and critical voices to strive for improving the world around them, both in a local and global nature. 

Innovative Development

GISS endeavours to continuously develop and reflect on the best ways to deliver a high standard of education. 

  • Aim:  To employ and promote the professionalism of our diverse staff through intense collaboration and ongoing professional development.
  • Aim:   To shape our curriculum and teaching practice in response to the needs of the students whilst implementing contemporary research and modern technology.
  • Aim:  To develop a knowledge and understanding of digital literacy that supports educational goals, and empowers students and staff to actively and ethically collaborate.


We strengthen the cohesion and collaboration between all members of the school community: students, staff, families and alumni.

  • Aim:  To appreciate the German and the Australian identity of the school.
  • Aim:  To strengthen relationships within the GISS Community and foster feelings of belonging, caring and shared purpose.
  • Aim:  To effectively communicate with the GISS Community and to encourage all members to actively contribute to school life.


Wellbeing is a combination of physical, social, emotional, cultural and environmental conditions which are essential for us to flourish and fulfil our potential. It is embedded throughout the whole school and across the curriculum.

  • Aim:   To foster a sense of belonging by encouraging respectful and compassionate relationships and a supportive and inclusive school culture and environment.
  • Aim:   To promote a sense of purpose by nurturing students’ academic, physical, social and emotional needs, learning and development.
  • Aim:   To respond to important issues and topics that impact on student and staff wellbeing.

Learning Excellence

Our school strives for excellence in the pursuit of individual learning goals across a range of subjects for every student.  

  • Aim:   To promote a culture in which students, parents and teachers have high expectations, so that every student aims to achieve their full potential.
  • Aim:   To develop students’ knowledge and skills through accomplished teaching practices that strengthen their abilities and enhance self-efficacy.
  • Aim:   To guide students towards critical and creative pursuits as part of a challenging, fulfilling and well-rounded academic journey.