Cooperation & communication with parents

Good cooperation with all families is essential. We appreciate constructive criticism and, if possible, will try to incorporate ideas and wishes into our program.  Parents are always welcome to approach us, stay for a visit and can phone to speak to their child.

We have regular parent evenings to give parents the opportunity to get to know each other, share ideas, hear about current preschool issues and communicate their ideas for the program. Wishes for the agenda are collected prior to the meeting. Apart from this we also have parent information evenings with specific topics, the possibility for parents to join the PRC or other committees as parent representatives and special activities like excursions and festivities. All parents are invited to become a candidate for the board of the school.

In preschool we do not have official times set aside for parent/teacher interviews. We leave this open for families to make a time that is suitable for both - them and our teaching staff; upon request also outside of opening hours. Within these meetings parents have the opportunity to discuss the development of their child and together with teaching staff formulate educational and developmental goals. Aside from these meetings, parents have access to their child’s individual portfolio at any time and are encouraged to contribute to these by adding pieces, together with their child, that enhance them ( these can be in the form of photographs, drawings, anecdotes etc). We want to support individual families, acknowledge their beliefs and goals and are therefore dependent on effective collaboration.