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  • GISS Careers Night 2016
    GISS is set to host an interactive Careers Night on Saturday 17 September, giving Youth a unique insight into careers through real experiences, by some of the leaders in their respective fields.
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  • Open Day
    From 12 to 3pm. Student guided school tours, a presentation about our school's concepts, a chance to meet with teachers, students and parents. No appointment needed!
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  • The Class of May 2016 did us Proud! Congratulations to the Class of 2016! They did it!
    100% pass rate and a class average of 34.6! This average is more than 6 points above the world average and, it may still go up further once we finalise requested re-marks and/or re-moderation procedur..
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Welcome to the German International School Sydney

In 2014, the German International School Sydney (GISS) celebrated 25 years of providing a rounded, multilingual education within a multicultural environment for students from Preschool to Year 12.  We have manageable class sizes and forward thinking teachers who are fully committed to helping students achieve the best results they can.

Our bilingual opportunities, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program, and European heritage have continuously set us apart as an extremely unique schooling system, fostering an appreciation for international culture and recognition of the importance of language skills. 

While we pride ourselves on our dedication to bilingual studies, all children are welcome and it is not necessary to be familiar with, or even speak German as we boast an effective language immersion programme, leading to bilingual competency in both English and German.

Since January 2015, we have now adopted the New South Wales school calendar year, providing greater subject choice and flexibility for our pupils, resulting in a balanced, blended curriculum which is fully compliant with both the NSW Board of Studies and the German authorities.  

Our goal is to engage, inspire and enable our students to live a fulfilled life in tomorrow’s modern and fast changing global society.

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Schnuppern in German means sniffing / having a whiff /
getting a feel for our school.  

This is something we offer to students who haven’t decided yet if this is the right school for them. Students can come and sit in class for one or two days and experience our school’s atmosphere, get to know other students and meet teachers:

No obligation, no contract, no payment.

Simply call our friendly registrar Isabella Pitcher on (02) 9485 1900 or to organise a private school tour and arrange one or two Schnuppertage.

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