GISS AGM and GISS Board election

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Financial Year 2021 (Jan – Dec 2021) was held on May 26 this year. This was an opportunity to present the school’s situation from the perspective of its organisational performance, and for members to interact directly with the Board. A quorum, i.e. a sufficient number of parents to represent the members (parents of the school), was present in-person, via video conference and through proxies. The members adopted the minutes of the previous meeting with no changes requested or required.

In his address, Chair of the Board Olaf Pietschner not only thanked families and staff and his Board colleagues for their strong support throughout the pandemic which dominated the report period, but also announced that he would withdraw from re-election, based on ever-growing professional commitments which will see him abroad for much of the year. The Board has selected Angelica Yates to take on the Chair position. Jennifer Gilmore, Deputy Chair, expressed deep felt thanks from the Board for Olaf’s thoughtful leadership throughout unprecedented challenges.

Principal Lorenz Metzger joined Olaf Pietschner in highlighting outstanding academic results and a continuous low level growth of enrolment numbers, a standout performance under the difficult circumstances. Mr Metzger also recalled the successful initiatives for 2021, including the continuation of the stage-based learning in Primary School, the preparation and first steps of the campus development with the new primary school Passivhaus classrooms.

Hansjoerg Knieling, Treasurer of the Board, presented the Financial Statement for the year and outlined the impact of COVID-related expenses, e.g. legal requirements, as well as the campus development activities so far. The school is in a stable financial position with a positive cash flow result. Hansjoerg answered questions around future funding priorities, depreciation methods and outlook for government funding. He confirmed the awareness of the Board of these topics, and that these factors will inform the strategy going forward.

After the discussion, members voted and approved the Financial Statement, re-appointed the auditor and re-elected the Board directors standing for re-election. 

Our board and their portfolios:

Angelika Yates (Chair)

Jennifer Gilmore (Vice Chair & Human Resources)

Hansjoerg Knieling (Treasurer)

 Tammie Christie (Strategy & Governance)

Nicole Bruell - (Pedagogy)

Julia Erben - (Marketing & Events / School community)

The Board would like to thank all members who attended on the day for their time, and the community of the School for their trust and support.

Julia Erben

Board Member for Marketing & Events / School community

 If you would like to contact the board please do so via