AG Name Description

Nature, Gardening, Out & About (C1)

The Nature, Gardening and Out & About AG is a combination of fostering an appreciation for nature, exploring the local community and developing an understanding of horticulture with an emphasis on sustainability and an appreciation for plants and the environment. We will be enjoying a variety of activities including bushwalking, exploring local playgrounds, parks and beaches, as well as taking part in school incursions and working within our school garden in order to develop gardening skills and learning to take responsibility for the environment.

Taekwondo (C2)

Primary school students benefit from developing and exploring fundamental movement skills and expanding their physical literacy. Increasing the levels of physical literacy supports ‘whole-of-child’ development and movement for life, which is where Taekwondo is uniquely positioned to deliver. The objectives of the program include exposure to introductory taekwondo techniques, having fun and the building of the participants’ physical literacy. These fundamental movement skills have a different focus depending on the age group. Elements of the ' Rock and Water' program are also a big part of the lessons, its aim is for the children learn to develop skills that aim to awaken the individual's awareness of their own strength and opportunities and the ability to play, work and live together with other people in a rapidly changing and multicultural society. Playing together leads to working together, leads to living together. Years 1 and 2 Perform basic skills and sequences. For example, perform the execution of one skill such as a side kick then progress this to performing two skills consecutively such as a front punch into a sidekick. Years 3 and 4 Refine fundamental movement skills as well as movement concepts and strategies. This would include carrying a basic pattern or punching and blocking sequence combination combined with the ability to articulate what they are doing. Years 5, 6, 7 Students in this group are expected to perform specialised movement skills and propose and combine movement strategies. Students should aim to carry complex movement sequences. Allowing your children to participate in Taekwondo is a fantastic way for them to explore and develop lifelong skills. Martial arts not only play an important role in exercise, but also promotes mental and psychological growth. This program provides a fun, challenging environment for the students to discover Taekwondo and all it can offer, whilst helping their confidence and self-control develop through games and challenges both physically and mentally". Darran McNulty is a certified Australian Taekwondo Coach, a 4th Dan Black Belt and has been teaching at GISS for the last 10 years.

Soccer (C3)

Be the best, learn from the best -The AG offers a course designed to develop the potential of every child attending. It can enhance their confidence, improve ball skills while ensuring fun and a rewarding experience in every sense. Mr Mihajlovic is the owner and head coach of Youth Soccer Academy, boasting a successful international soccer career and has had a long relationship with our school.

Dance (C4) *

Dance is a form of expression through body movement and music. There are many forms but the main taught ones are classical ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap and ballroom. Dancing helps children with their physical, emotional and creative development. With guidance and mentoring from trained teacher dance can enhance a students self-awareness and individuality. Just like many out of school activities dancing provides a student with discipline and respect for both themselves and those around them. Our dance teacher is a former student at GISS and has been dancing for more than 2 decades and has taught dancing for over 5 years.