Manly Daily article about our Year 10 student Nuhaa Heitz

Nuhaa was one of 13 GISS students from who recently represented the school at the Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) Conference in New York. The MMUN is a simulation of the UN General Assembly where students assume the role of UN delegates and then debate a specific topic with other students from around the world. Nuhaa worked on her topic for six months and showcased her sophisticated understanding on racism on the UN podium. 

“When asked if I wanted to go, I immediately said yes. My time at the conference but also the intensive preparation our team put into it have taught me many valuable life lessons, and I have walked away thinking about the wider world. The skills of being able to debate and come to a consensus with others is one I will take away from that conference. But I think the most life-changing experience I had was experiencing everyone’s different cultures. We all had different ways of thinking and collaborating, but in the end, we all wanted the same thing: the best possible solution for all the countries.”

What are his/her ambitions? “My ambitions are to help those who are not able to help themselves and therefore provide them with an opportunity that they would have never been given otherwise. Once I have finished the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma at GISS I would like to take a gap year to travel and do voluntary aid work abroad. I also intend to study in Europe.
I am currently participating in a Rotary Club Public Speaking workshop offered at our school to strengthen my abilities. I hope to make use of this later in University as well as my professional life.

Where does he/she see herself age 35? “At age 35 I would like to have obtained a Master’s degree in both Social sciences and Business. I would have also gained experience in social work and humanitarian aid. Ultimately, I would be working with refugee families and other minority groups. In addition, I would have started my own NGO programme for those wishing to seek refuge and provide aid to those who are not able to leave their country.”