This year’s IBDP Showcase was a smashing success where students from our graduating class were able to present and reflect on their learning and their holistic diploma journey. Students, parents, alumni and prospective applicants were invited to attend the wide variety of activities and events throughout the week.

Created and delivered throughout the entire week, the Year 12s led presentations and workshops on what to expect from an IB education and reflected on best practices and how future students could succeed in an academically challenging and stimulating environment.

As role models, the graduating class were able to answer, clarify and engage with questions asked in an open and supportive discussion. Parents and students alike were also able to turn to the Year 12s for answers as the experts in the IB, demonstrating the valuable nature of the Showcase as an exhibition and also transition exercise.

We are fortunate at the German International School to boast a strong community connection with alumni who were able to offer further insight and wisdom into the world post-IB and how the program opened a wide range of pathways and opportunities for them.

The Showcase is a valuable learning exercise, both for the graduating class and to further clarify IB expectations and academic standards within our school and wider community. The 2022 IB Showcase serves as a reminder that we celebrate the extraordinary talents and achievements of our pupils and their journeys as they inspire the next generation of lifelong learners. 

Jamie Greenslade