Henning Harnisch visits GISS

On Tuesday, 5th February former German national basketball player Henning Harnisch visited our school together with Deputy Consul General Klaus Steitz. Henning Harnisch is Vice President of the ALBA Berlin Basketball League and is committed to promoting young talents.

With his spectacular playing style, he and his team managed to win the German championship 9 times in a row. He was also called ‘Flying Henning’ by his team mates because he could almost fly into the basketball net. In 169 internationals, Harnish recorded 2079 points. He attended a World And four European Championships tour, as well as at the 1992 Olympic Games.

With his initiative "Sport Makes School," he travels the world to attract young people to the game of basketball and so we were lucky to have him come to visit our school. Class 7A had the unique opportunity to see Henning Harnisch in action. The sports lesson became an unforgettable

experience for all involved. Henning’s height alone (2.02m) astounded everyone. After a brief performance and round of questions, he showed off his tricks and gave the students some tips. Two teams were formed and the game started. Highly motivated and brave, the teams played enthusiastically till the end. Henning then showed how the ball can easily get into the basket. The students experienced an exciting sports lesson that they won't forget anytime soon. After that, Henning took part in Lunch Sport basketball training and was able to see with his own eyes that the GISS also has some young talents. It was an honour for us to have you here Henning Harnisch!

Anika Davey (Sports teacher)