Graduation Years 10 & 12

Congratulations to the classes of 2019! There were many cheers, much applause and a few tears as our graduating Year 10 and 12 students, families, teachers and GISS staff came together for a special graduation ceremony. 

Guest of honours, Deputy German Consul General, Klaus Steitz, and Frau Bauni, our KMK-Representative (conference of education ministers) from Germany opened the evening by wishing all 42 graduates the very best for their future ahead.

Year 10 class teacher, Eike Luethgens, spoke about his students’ hard work and dedication, their persistence and teamwork, and the exciting future and responsibilities that lay ahead for them before handing out their certificates along with GISS Principal, Dr Lorenz Metzger. 

Mr Metzger then recalled the students' IB journey and invited, IB Coordinator, Annie Thomson, to the stage who further reflected on the trials and triumphs of the IB class of 2019. Ms Annie and Frau Miehle then presented the Joachim Stickel award to Lily Wenzel and Lea Yates for their outstanding CAS projects. 

Year 12 Class Teacher Ms Sinclair gave an emotional speech and reflected on each of her students‘ personal journey through the IB before handing out the certificates. 

The highlight of the evening was when Year 12 presented the traditional IB surfboard, created by the students, to IB coordinator, Annie Thomson, and the IB core team. The night ended with everyone on the dance floor. Special thanks to Kate for organising this wonderful event.