GISS & IPSHA Swimming Carnivals 2019

GISS Swimming Carnivals

Our annual GISS swimming carnivals took place on Wednesday, 20th February (Years 3-6) and on Wednesday, 27th February (Years 7-10) and both were a great successes. 

All students had a wonderful time cheering on participants from their houses, and took enthusiasm from gaining points for victories in the pool as well as from participation in the variety of races and activities. The students competed in freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly and received ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each race.

The new novelty race with pool noodles and the diving ring race were one of the favourite events of the carnival giving students who didn’t feel comfortable to compete in the main stroke races the opportunity to succeed. 

Another event which turned Terrey Hills Swim School’s 25 metre pool into a very noisy place was the House Relay. The students gave every last bit of their energy to win their race. I am sure next year’s races will be equally hard fought.

The Winning House of our GISS Swimming Carnival 2019 is FRIENDSHIP with a total of 584 points. Congratulations!


IPSHA Swimming Carnival

Students in Years 3-6 had the wonderful opportunity to qualify for the IPSHA Swimming Carnival (IPSHA = Independent Primary School Heads Australia) which took place on Tuesday, 5th March at Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. It was the exact same pool were the Olympics were held 19 years ago. How time flies!

The students who represented GISS at the IPSHA Swimming Carnival were: Year 4: Aurelia and Claudia; Year 5: Jack; Year 6: Juliana, Franziska and Toby.

At the IPSHA Carnival these six students raced against students from other Independent Schools from all over Sydney such as Scots College, Sceggs, Ravenswood, Knox Grammar, PLC and Abbotsleigh. I am very proud of our 6 students' achievements. They really did us proud with their performances. 

Although none of our students qualified for the next level called CIS (Combined Independent Schools) their results were amazing considering the size of our Year 3-6 cohort. 

Anika Davey (Physical Education Teacher)