GISS Senior Choir at IPSHA Performing Arts Festival

On 22nd August, after months of dedicated preparation and extra rehearsals, the GISS Senior Choir participated in a combined concert with seven other independent schools from the Sydney region in Sydney’s historic Town Hall as past of the IPSHA Performing Arts Festival. It was a wonderfully uplifting and unforgettable event for all involved and the students were extremely proud to represent GISS in the Arts on a public level for the first time in many years. 

The Senior Choir sang 99 Luftballons as their individual item and special mention goes to Mia-Francesca Taylor, who danced a self-choreographed routine throughout the song. To end the evening, a combined choir of around 350 voices took to the stage to sing together… goosebumps galore! The event was a huge success for GISS and we look forward to participating again in 2020.

Janine Boubbov