Our Kindergarten Class is learning all about farms this term and our Kindy students got to experience the lifecycle of a duck right in front of their eyes in their classroom. Through ‘Hatch & Grow’ they had the opportunity to learn everything from how a duck hatches from its egg, to how to look after ducklings and their needs. It only took 24 hours from when we got the eggs, for the first duckling to hatch!

Within 3 days we had 7 ducklings in our class, that made quiet some noise during the day. The Kindy students had their daily jobs to make sure the ducklings were fed, had water and a clean home. We even took them swimming a couple of times!

Towards the end of our two-week adventure with our cheeky, noisy, sometimes smelly ducklings, we made sure that they got to experience the outside world, so Kindy packed up their learning material and moved to the grass area. We taught the ducklings some Maths & German before we had to say goodbye again.

Thanks to our Kindergarten Class Teachers, Theresa Freeman and Rachel Hennig, for coordinating this wonderful ‘Hatch & Grow’ program. We look forward to visiting them soon on the farm, so stay tuned for updates.