On Tuesday 6th September, the GISS Senior Choir participated in the IPSHA Performing Arts Festival in Sydney Town Hall. This was a collaborative evening of music, presented by six private and independent schools from throughout NSW. The concert opened with a combined symphony orchestra (in which four GISS students participated), playing the Australian National Anthem and Chloe and Marco standing on the stage to represent our school. This was followed by each school presenting their own item. Our Senior Choir chose a German song by Adel Tawil, entitled “Menschenkinder”, and at the end of the evening, all schools joined together in a massed choir of around 300 students, singing two songs that we had all rehearsed for the occasion.

The Senior Choir rehearses during one lunch hour each week, and after a six-month break due to COVID last year, the level of what they were able to achieve in this performance was simply stunning. These children rose to the occasion, their hard work and commitment from the past eight months culminating in an inspiring performance that was a credit to our school.

Well done, GISS Senior Choir!