GISS at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress

Amazing work by our Year 10 and IB Diploma students on their projects that brought them to the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Melbourne. 

Many thanks to our dedicated teachers, Denise Parsons & Mechthild Broehl-Foster for facilitating this great experience.

At the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) in Melbourne, we immersed ourselves in a rich tapestry of insights and viewpoints. The event seamlessly combined formal sessions, seminars, and informal interactions. Seasoned entrepreneurs recounted their experiences, highlighting their challenges and achievements. With a diverse range of attendees from various geographies and industries, the congress presented a vivid panorama of the entrepreneurial landscape. This experience left an indelible mark on our understanding of global entrepreneurship, instilling both direction and motivation. 

One of our most daunting moments at the GEC was presenting our innovative concept to the seasoned experts from whom we had garnered so much knowledge. Despite a few nervous stumbles, we were elated with our presentation and gratified by the subsequent positive feedback.

Lina, Larissa, and Rosa

During our trip, we were provided access to many seminars and ‘meetings’ covering a vast number of topics relating to entrepreneurship. On the last day of our trip, all of the groups presented our products on stage. During the time we had to prepare, we were all in the good hands of Alexandra Koch, who was a big help in guiding us through this journey. I believe that all groups did great considering it was our first time. 

Overall, this experience was great fun and I definitely encourage the school to keep promoting entrepreneurship to students. I also recommend students to take a shot at the ‘Unternehmen Deutsch’ program, as it’s a great introduction into the world of entrepreneurship.

Brian Berens