Andreas Hänssig from the Goethe University Frankfurt/M. visits GISS

On Monday, November 7, 2022, Andreas Hänssig from the Goethe University Frankfurt/M. visited GISS.

Since 2018, we have been working intensively with our partner university where Mr. Hänssig works at the local Academy for Educational Research and Teacher Education. In this function, he advises and accompanies prospective teachers who are looking for school internships abroad. Due to the Covid crisis, it has not been possible to attract interns to GISS in recent years. That's why we are even more pleased that we currently have an intern from Frankfurt again. Also next year, the well-prepared interns from Frankfurt will support GISS again.

Mr. Hänssig also used his time in Terrey Hills for a training course "Co-Teaching and language-sensitive subject teaching" for our teachers. 40 teachers took part in the training and really enjoyed it. Well done and thank you Andreas! We’re already looking forward to your next visit.

Dr Horst Giesler 

Deputy Principal