The Sustainability team is still hard at work to find ways to reduce the environmental footprint of our community. Here is our next Sustainability Holiday Challenge. 

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We want to link practical, real-world actions with our curriculum. This year in Geography, Year 6 studied the environmental crisis in Asia. Learning about the impact of industrial-scale palm oil plantations on the environment and biodiversity, Aureleo was shocked.

"I am horrified to discover in one lesson that up to 300 football fields of forest are cleared every HOUR to make room for palm plantations to make palm oil."

Thanks to the passion of Year 6 and their teacher Mr Greenslade, these holidays we can take a closer look at how much we contribute to the destruction of tropical rainforest by using palm oil.

Not all palm-oil is bad, but only a small fraction of all palm- oil is sustainably produced. Sustainable palm oil gets the “Certified Sustainable Palm Oil” label.