In May 2018, approximately 165 752 students registered for the IB Diploma worldwide. At GISS, all fourteen students of our Class of 2018 who registered to complete their Diploma in the May session were awarded the IB Diploma, resulting in a pass rate of 100%. Of these fourteen diploma graduates, seven students (50%) attained the Bilingual Diploma and, ten are eligible for the Hochschulzugangsberechtigung (HZB), while two of them are eligible for the Gemischtsprachiges IB (GIB).

The minimum pass score for the Diploma to be awarded is 24, the maximum score is 45. Our IB Diploma average score for the May 2018 session was 34.0 (92.1 ATAR), while the world average score was 29.7.

In addition, three of our graduates received Distinction Awards from IB Schools Australasia for scoring 40 or above on their Diploma and their names will go up on our Honour Board. Our Dux of the class scored 42 points (99.4 ATAR), while the runners up scored 41 (98.8 ATAR) and, 40 (98.2 ATAR). Twelve of our graduates received Merit Awards for scoring the highest grade of 7 in a subject, and/or an A for their Extended Essay and/or Theory of Knowledge.

We warmly congratulate all our graduates from the Class of May 2018 for their commendable results, which they know, were achieved through their sustained, consistent and focused engagement in their learning. They have been well prepared for their upcoming university courses and, we wish them well as they start their tertiary studies both here and, overseas.

A further three students from the Class of 2018 are registered to complete their Diploma in the November session and, we wish them well!

Class of May 2018 (from IBIS) - School statistics

  • Number of candidates registered in the session: 14
  • Number of diploma and retake candidates registered in the session: 14
  • Number of subject entries in the session: 112
  • Number of candidates who passed the diploma: 14
  • Average points obtained by candidates who passed the diploma: 34
  • Highest diploma points awarded to a candidate: 42
  • Average grade obtained at the school by candidates who passed the diploma: 5.32

Annie Thomson, Head of Senior School & IB Coordinator