It has been proven that the skill of speaking an additional language enhances everything from problem-solving skills to collaboration and creativity.

Various studies have shown an improvement of the brain’s “executive system” in bilinguals as they are more able to “block out irrelevant information and concentrate on the task at hand.” They are also better at “switching between different tasks without being confused.”(de Lange, Catherine “My two minds.” New Scientist. 5 May 2012)

Experts say that bilingualism should start as early as possible. One approach is through immersion schooling, where subjects such as maths are taught in the additional language or children receive equal instruction in two languages. Bilingual immersion schooling is particularly successful because children are learning from their peers, which is both intensive and motivating. 

The constant switch between languages can be described as training for the brain resulting in statistically proven delay of Alzheimer disease symptoms.

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