Bus Registration

How to register and pay for your GISS bus service.

Our bus system is a unique benefit for the school community and no school of our size in Sydney offers a more comprehensive network of busses and vans. 

The 2023 bus bookings are now open.

We ask that you please fill out our new bus booking form via this link. Bookings will be processed in the order received but priority given to the following students:

  • Existing bus students
  • Siblings of existing bus students
  • Younger students

As part of ongoing improvements, GISS is rolling out a new bus booking App for 2023. The new ‘RollCall App’ will bundle all bus services into one App (please see https://rollcall.com.au/) Parents will be able to book and change services as well as track our busses to make pick-up more convenient. Bookings will be open in January 2023. 

More detailed information will be sent via our GISS app. Please note that GISS has transitioned to a zone-based pricing model based on distance travelled. The bus booking page will show you the prices based on your stops. Please note that in order to improve utilisation of our bus service, round-trip tickets are now significantly cheaper than one-way trips.

What's included in our GISS bus service 

  • Pick up and drop off at the school gates for Preschool to Senior School 
  • Fixed timetable and route with daily chartered bus services to allow families to plan their week 
  • Fully air-conditioned buses 
  • Safe and convenient service
  • One of the most comprehensive route networks in Sydney

Bus Transportation Rules

  • The GISS Student Code of Conduct applies when using school buses.
  • Students are expected to always obey reasonable directions from the bus driver.
  • Students are to remain seated and properly buckled up.
  • The bus driver has the authority to assign the seating order on the bus.
  • The driver may stop the bus if disciplinary issues arise which make the operation of the vehicle unsafe.   
  • Incidents will be reported to the school and may result in disciplinary action, including loss of bus privileges.
  • Please avoid transporting delicate or expensive items on the bus.
  • The School assumes no liability for items lost or damaged during bus transport.
  • Parents or the authorised person are advised to be at the pick-up point well before the scheduled time for pick-up and drop-off, to ensure that the bus can leave on time.
  • The Bus driver will wait at the scheduled stop for up to 2 minutes past the scheduled pick-up time.
  • Students in Kindergarten to Year 4 have to be released to a responsible person known to the child. 
  • Students in years 5 and higher are allowed to make their way home independently.

Preschool aged students

  • Preschool children will be collected from and returned to the bus by Preschool staff. They will be signed in /out (time and signature) at the Service by Preschool staff.
  • Preschool Parents must provide details of all persons authorised to pick up their child from the designated pick-up point. (Please use the relevant authorisation form)
  • Bus drivers will only release preschool students to persons listed on the authorisation form.
  • If an authorised person is not at the pick-up point at the scheduled time, the driver will contact the primary carers / emergency contact to arrange for an alternate meeting point & time at the end of the bus run.
  • In case the driver is unable to contact a registered contact, the child will be returned to the school and care arrangements made until an authorised person is able to pick them up.