Tuesday Co-curricular Activities - Semester 2, 2023

Art & Craft

Each week you will create your own art or craft work to take home. Try your hand at beading, weaving, sewing or craft. Learn transferable skills that you can build on at home. (Language: English)

Indoor / Outdoor Games

Do you like to challenge yourself, work as a team, learn new tactics – all while having fun? Then the GISS Games AG is for you! With Mrs Clark, Mr Crundwell and Miss Polden you are sure to find a game indoors or outdoors (or both!) that will let you run off some steam or channel your tactics. We will play fun outdoor games to encourage teamwork and increase your stamina. We also offer a selection of board and card games to both play and make. Creativity, resilience and a sense of humour is key! (Language: English / German)

Little Scientists

Are you interested in nature, technology, chemistry, and physics? This is just the right workshop for you! With exciting experiments, you will explore the world of science. Ask questions, formulate hypotheses, develop predictions, gather data, conduct experiments, document findings and share your knowledge with the group. You are on your way to becoming a great scientist! (Language: English / German)


Be the best, learn from the best - this AG offers a course designed to develop the potential of every child attending. It can enhance their confidence, improve ball skills while ensuring fun and a rewarding experience in every sense. Mr Mihajlovic is the owner and head coach of Youth Soccer Academy, boasting a successful international soccer career and has had a long relationship with our school. (Language: English)
Thursday Co-curricular Activities - Semester 2, 2023


We will cook up a storm in The Mini Master Chef AG! Be prepared to create delicious, healthy snacks no one can resist…! (Language: English / German)

Drawing & Painting *

Children have the opportunity to develop and enhance their creativity and confidence by experimenting with paint and learning skills to grow their arts practice. We will mainly work with paint und brushes, textas, coloured pencils and pencils. (Language: German)


Explore the delights of our local community! Each week we will venture out of the school to discover the many playgrounds, bushwalks, parks and beaches that our local community has to offer. Come along to climb, slide, run, jump and splash through the afternoon! (Language: English / German)

Scavenger Hunt

Join us as we explore the GISS campus through a weekly scavenger hunt. We will discover all sorts of exciting parts of our school, including various insects and animals! We aim to familiarise ourselves with the grounds at GISS while practising basic orienteering skills and teamwork exercises, so come along for the inaugural GISS scavenger hunt! (Language: English)
* instructional language German