After School Care

We offer our own on-campus After School Care as we believe that this a big opportunity to enrich our school life and support families at GISS.

What is it and what does it include?

  • Your children are cared for by bilingual and qualified staff members with a maximum group size of 25
  • Hours are Monday to Friday from 3.15pm to 6pm
  • Children from Kindy to Year 6 are eligible
  • Both planned and spontaneous experiences that respond to children’s interests, needs, and stages of development
  • Various activities such as construction, creative arts, DIY projects, science experiments, cooking, and sporting activities that will enable the children to explore their creativity and develop new skills
  • Our carers encourage independent study and homework 
  • Access to the library, playgrounds, sports hall and soccer field during planned and spontaneous activities
  • Dedicated equipment for comfort and entertainment is used
  • Healthy afternoon snacks are provided by Kapil from our kiosk 

What are the benefits?

  • Casual bookings and drop-in flexibility at an affordable rate
  • Use of familiar on-campus facilities (known and loved environment, no changes of location that could cause unnecessary stress)
  • Seamless transition to and from after school activities such as taekwondo, soccer or music Opportunity to make new friends with children from different classes
  • Complete flexibility and less headaches for working parents with a busy schedule
  • Coherent bilingual and pedagogical approach of GISS

Why can After-School Care be so important to you as a parent?

The recent announcement of starting an After School Care Program at GISS has been a real blessing for us. It will give us lots of flexibility regarding work without impacting our schedules for pick-up, knowing that our child is being looked after in a safe, familiar and bilingual environment where he’d be able to socialise with his friends and other kids from the school. I truly believe this is a great addition to the school. A sincere thank you for making this happen!”  - Jan Lehnert

For more information contact Mila Reingardt, GISS After School Care Co-ordinator on