Many young people dream about spending some time abroad before starting their careers, sometimes even before starting University or vocational training. This is preferably combined with an internship.

What does an internship at the German International School Sydney involve?

Typically we allocate interns as follows- one in Preschool (corresponds to German Kindergarten), one in Primary School and another in our Secondary School. As we receive many applications, you should be aware of the following conditions:

  • Interns at our school, regardless of the area they will be working in, must at least be in teacher or childcare training for the respective grade or better still have actually completed at least the first part of their training (1. Staatsexamen). We do not take on any trainees without a professional educational background.
  • Interns (from Germany) can come to Australia on a working holiday visa. This allows one to work for up to 6 months as a prac student at a school.
  • Interns from Switzerland and Austria have to apply for a 442 visa (Occupational Trainee Visa).
  • Internships are voluntary. The school can assist you with the organisational aspects for your stay in Sydney but cannot assist financially. We do not provide monetary support for living costs.
  • Traineeships at GISS are not considered a part of your formal training. After completing their internship, all prac students receive a certificate of participation.
  • Candidates should have proficient German and English language skills. 

What can you expect from an internship at GISS?

  • Extensive experience in all aspects of work in a German School abroad
  • Guidance and support from a mentor
  • A friendly welcome into an open and supportive working environment
  • Lessons taught at a high academic level with modern teaching methods
  • Working in an international and close knit school community, intercultural experiences and knowledge of Australian culture and lifestyle
  • Working in a school with modern facilities within peaceful bushland settings
  • Working in an accredited “Excellent German School Abroad”

The successful candidates should organise their own accommodation during their stay. We can support by publishing an ad in our newsletter.

If you feel you fit our criteria, we would be pleased to receive your application. Please direct your applications via email to the following staff members:

As we receive many applications on a regular basis please understand that it may take a few months before we may be able to offer you a place. 

Current Internships: 

In Preschool we currently have no openings for interns.  

We receive many requests from overseas in regards to voluntary work or professional practicals. As we are trying to avoid disruptions or constantly changing care givers, we limit prac students from abroad and expect a minimum stay of at least one school term (usually 10 weeks). As there are no paid positions available and students must be able to support themselves financially, we do not recommend applying for a prac position unless you are living and studying locally. You would also need a valid work visa. Visits are only possible by appointment.

In Primary School (Kindergarten to Year 4) the length of internships are at least one term, preferably two terms.  

Currently we do have the following vacancies for Primary School internships:


  • Term 1 (28.01. – 09.04.20) - no vacancies
  • Term 2 (27.04. – 26.06.20) - no vacancies
  • Term 3 (27.07. – 25.09.20) - no vacancies
  • Term 4 (12.10. – 18.12.20) - one vacancy


  • Term 1 - one vacancy
  • Term 2 - two vacancies
  • Term 3 - two vacancies
  • Term 4 - two vacancies

Since cancellations can occur at short notice vacant positions may arise. Please always note in your application the term/s you are applying for.           


For Secondary School (Years 5-12) all internships have been filled up to December 2020. The selection process for the 2021 interns starts in February/March 2020. 


Due to the huge amount of applications please understand that we are only able to reply to the successful applicants.