Given the COVID-19 pandemic our May Open Day was held online. Our virtual Open Day included a presentation by our Principal, Dr Lorenz Metzger, about our school, curriculum and learning methods. 

It was followed by a Q&A session with our Head of Junior Secondary, Dr Horst Giesler, and IB Coordinator, Annie Thomson.

The presentation starts about 1.30 minutes into the video.


At our Open Days we normally conduct a school tour to show you our school grounds. We have recorded two virtual school tours that you can watch in your own time:

Preschool & Primary School


  1. Interview with Head of Preschool Silke Bethke 1:08
  2. Interview with Head of Primary School 13:38
  3. Transition to Kindergarten Orientation Days
  4. Cut of date 22:20
  5. Start of school celebration / Schuleinführung 24:00
  6. Primary School Curriculum 25:45
  7. Homework 27:30
  8. Stage Based Learning 29:15
  9. Trial Days 33:28
  10. Co-curricular Activities 36:40
  11. After School Care & Activities 39:10
  12. Sport at GISS 41:00
  13. Library 41:43
  14. Preschool Pick-up 44:28
  15. GISS Buses 44:41
  16. KISS & Drop Zone 45:38

Junior & Senior Secondary School

Q&A Sessions

1. Preschool

2. Q&A Primary School

3. Q&A Junior & Senior Secondary School - please click here. The Q&A sessions starts about 25 minutes into the video.


For ease of reference, please also find below our Virtual Open Day Pack with various school information including:

If you would like to attend our next Open Day, please register here. For private school tours, orientation days and detailed information please contact our registrar Mrs. Antje Eildermann on (02) 9485 1900.