Our achievements

Here you can find a summary of our achievements:  from Preschool ranking, NAPLAN results to success stories about our graduates.

  • Nov 2009 – After an extensive “Bund-Laender”- Inspection our school was awarded the certificate “ Excellent German School Abroad
  • 2014 GISS IB Diploma results are our best ever! 100% pass rate (world average is 79%) with an average passing grade of 35.8; significantly above the global average of 29.81 and 0.2 points better than our previous best. Congratulations to Olivia Merz who achieved a perfect score of 45! Read more


  • 2013 - IB results! 100% pass rate with an average passing grade of 35.6. Read more


  • GISS students NAPLAN results 2013 outstanding! The school average was in 18 out of 20 cases substancially above the national average. Read more


  • According to The Australian’s “Your school” feature, Giss comes in 34th amongst all Private Primary Schools in Australia, as well as 27th amongst all Private Secondary Schools in Australia, This comparison is based on the 2013 NAPLAN results. Read more 


  • Dec 2013 – Rating for our Preschool announced: ”Exceeding National Quality Standards” Read more


  • Nov 2013 – “Outstanding Sydney School” GISS in the Australian Education Times, Read more



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